Fios - Community NewspaperFios is a fortnightly local newspaper published by Spòrsnis Ltd. Aiming to cover topics of interest to the community all articles are researched, written and produced entirely within the Galson Estate on the Isle of Lewis.

The Galson Estate is community owned and encompasses the northern part of Lewis, from Upper Barvas to the Butt of Lewis.

With a good mix of news, articles and features, Fios might cover crofting matters, local sports and football, events, events that affect the community, matters relating to health or local government, public notices and advertisements. We will also aim to provide a lighter look at some of the aspects of life in Ness. Due to the nature of the publication we may occasionally adopt editorial positions on issues affecting the community.
We also offer a facility for individuals, groups and businesses to promote their activities, goods and services.

Fios is available at retail outlets and newsagents throughout the Isle of Lewis, as well as on the Stornoway- Ullapool ferry. Readers can also receive Fios through postal subscription or via email.

The Fios team are: Hugh MacInnes (Editor), Sam Hawkins (Journalist), and Donald A Morrison (Contributor/ Editorial Support/ Admin).